At First Light

At First Light is a celebration of the natural world, one morning at a time. Put on the coffee, cozy up in your favorite chair and soak in the beauty of a new day. Breathe deeply and turn the pages slowly through the seasons. Listen to the sound of skis glide over fresh snow. Keep a keen eye out for deer prints as you pass through the tall tree shadows of sunrise. Wende Essrow has been walking at the break of day for as long as she can remember. Join her off-trail adventures as she weaves a tapestry of beauty in words and photographs. This exquisite book reminds us that each day is a new gift to cherish and explore. Just as the late winter sun eases up the river ice, the pages of At First Light will clear your spirit and start your day with a warm glow for many seasons to come. You will never really finish reading At First Light.

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If You Listen to the Trees

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After a long day of hiking and drawing, Gwendolyn warmed up by the woodstove. As the logs crackled and sparked, forest secrets unfurled in the colorful flames. Gwendolyn, a young artist, spends a lot of time in the woods that surround the cabin where she lives. She learns to hear the trees share their favorite memories as they burn in the woodstove and release their spirits. An old chestnut tree fondly remembers watching playful otters on moonlit nights slide over his roots, down the snow covered riverbanks, and splash into the water below. Each tree has a beautiful story to tell-for those of us ready to listen.


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The Paintbrush Dreamer


I have always loved the natural world. After skiing through a beautiful wooded trail I painted a scene of the wintry creek I had skied by along the way.A decade after my creek painting, I settled into a little house in the woods. The scene outside my art studio is the same as my painting. My paintbrush had led the way. I yearned for a little house in the woods where I could observe the birds, deer, wildflowers and all the beauty of a forest. This book inspires young artists to dream, find beauty and paint.

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